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Always remember that you are a soul, and your soul has taken on a physical body. The real you is not the body as so many believe.

The Essence of Life

The soul is the very essence of life as it first sprang from Creator. It is an indestructible living entity of Light energy that may have a physical body, etheric body or astral body, or it may exist in free spirit only. Our soul, manifested by God through His co-creating powers with Creator, are expressions of love and Light of God and contain in microcosm every essence of God. In any of its forms the soul acts with free will independence at the same time it exists inseparably with God and Creator and all other souls.

The soul is the power behind everything that exists on Earth. It is the life force of all its progeny that it created for ever-greater experiencing. At every level of evolvement, from the most minute subdivision of a root soul all the way to the angelic realms, each soul is an independent being with intelligence, characteristics, choices, goals and all the other elements that make each person a unique being.

The Cumulative Soul

Each individual lifetime of a soul is its PERSONAGE. The sum of a soul´s personages is its CUMULATIVE SOUL, and all experiencing of all the personages is available to each. Thus, as each personage melds into the cumulative soul, it is increased in wisdom and soul evolution, yet it remains its inviolate independent self.

The consciousness of the soul has the capability to reach all knowingness that exists throughout creation. The universal mind, that entire spectrum of human and godly powers and all experiencing throughout existence -- all of this is within the soul. When we tap into this knowingness we are allowing the soul to see itself and report what it sees to the brain, which is a personal computer for processing data for the mind to assimilate and contemplate. The key to understanding this is to separate your consciousness and allow the thinking process to quiet itself. Then the pictures will come, followed by awareness of what is going on in your mind, which is bringing you the message of your soul.

The Body is the Vehicle

Your body is only a very fleeting vehicle for use by the soul, which is far stronger and more tenacious in its survival mode than any third density body. And, the body does not hold the soul, THE SOUL HOLDS THE BODY FOR ITS USE. When the soul is released from the physical body, its etheric body is released in perfection at the same instant, and in that body, the soul makes its lightning-fast journey from Earth to Nirvana.

In other life-times, souls now living on the planet had a hand in its formation during its creation. This happened by thought forms, and as previously explained, everything that is created is preceded by the thought of it. Only by the imagery in the thought can the form of that image be created in substance, and the power to generate and access the thought forms rests in the soul.

Captured By Negativity

Although the soul is indestructible, its light energy can be captured by negativity and trapped within density so powerful that the soul is consigned to this realm´s basest energy layer. At physical death the energy essence of souls departing from Earth are taken by most ancient universal laws to their next placement for required healing and learning.

The people who lived in the basest energies during their Earth lifetimes are drawn by natural law to the layer of densest energy in this multilayered realm. They are people obsessed with controling others´ lives or inflicting tyrannical brutality, or who are so steeped in anger, greed, deceit or other intense negativity feelings and actions born of that negativity. Those souls can neither fool anyone and thus be released or escape from that densest energy placement. Not only is it out of their mental functioning control, it is a province of their energy registration. By means of their free will decisions, those souls have CHOSEN their consistent plunging into the basest density in which they become captive.


Does this now mean that these souls can´t reincarnate or get out of that placement?? They can leave ONLY if they move toward the Light that is continuously beamed to them from highest Light sources. If they do respond to the love within that Light, they will be entirely different souls as they rise to successively higher layers of the realm.

But even if that happens, it is not the full story. Their very descent to the basest energy placement has inestimable negative repercussions. The energy set in motion by their Earth lifetimes remains when their physical bodies leave. The INFLUENCE left by their energy is not diminished. The ripple effect of the soul devastation wrought by just one such individual can be so injurious to civilization that there is no way to assess it separately from the base energies that form from it. So, while the life energy of that soul is held captive, the energy of the negative effects of its lifetime remains. The dark forces gather it unto themselves for rearmament, so to speak.

Part Two follows....

This article is from the teachings "Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth".

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