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Energy is the foundation for Universal Laws !

The information in this article has the potential to revolutionize the world. It is also the basis for understanding the teachings on Universal Laws. If we couple this knowledge with its applications to Universal Laws, we can create the foundation for setting our souls free and creating a fifth-dimensional society.

The Gift of True Freedom

In order now to proceed, one must understand the basic principles outlined here. Once these are understood and realized, any individual can begin to walk the path upon which freedom, abundance, happiness, and peace are guaranteed.

The original intent of the american "Declaration of Independence" was to provide a foundation on Earth that would allow all children of God to realize their full human potential and experience life to its fullest in a productive, beautiful way. The United States was designed specifically to hold this vision for the rest of the world until the time came upon the Earth for all to become self-realized.

Unfortunately, we have had to wait centuries for this to happen because of karmic law and humanity´s ignorance and irresponsibility. It is only now that we are ready to complete our karmic debts, wipe the slate clean, and proceed to a higher understanding of the evolutionary concepts that affect each soul.

Following now is a message from Ascended Master Kuthumi :

The power that comes from understanding Universal Laws and their application to the world is awesome. The Celestial Command has understood Universal Laws and their application to human evolution for a time longer than can be recorded on Earth. Because the Earth is so important in the plan to assist souls to evolve to higher dimensions of consciousness and Light, this information has been veiled until now.

The reason this information has not come forth before is that the majority of souls were not ready to receive it. Their consciousness has not been high enough to integrate the meaning and responsibility of this knowledge. In addition, in the past, those in embodiment were here primarily to complete unfinished business of previous lifetimes.

These souls were so preoccupied with the lower existence that they had no time for understanding the higher dimensions, laws, or knowledge. In fact, anything outside their parameters of reality made them fearful and they would react like cornered animals whenever they were challenged to grow. Growth, enlightenment, and open-mindedness were often scorned, and many would actually strike out at any individual or idea requesting them to change.

Without Spiritual Discipline 

Learning Universal Laws before completing karmic responsibilities would have allowed too many to "cheat". Without the spiritual discipline, many would have taken shortcuts to an easier life, or at least tried to do so. This situation would have robbed them of important opportunities to be tested. This condition would have nurtured a membership of souls with great knowledge, but with little strength of character to apply that knowledge.

Presently, there are some in the universe who fit this description. There are those who have a high technological nature, but have little understanding of spiritual law or how to apply this technology with responsibility. We call them the mischievous souls who serve to challenge those who are on the path to the Light.

Tests of Initiation  

Earth´s curriculum is set up in such a way that it allows each to be tested through Tests of Initiation. These tests build character and integrity because of the lessons that must be learned. It is only after souls have completed their karmic debts that they are allowed to access to higher levels of teaching, and they must prove to themselves that they have the discipline to handle the responsibility that comes with higher knowledge.

Although some perceive this path to be painful, we believe that this process produces a higher quality of human, and one who is ready for entry into the kingdoms of the Fifth Dimension and higher. With this understood, we trust that you understand why it was deemed necessary and right that all souls did not have access to these teachings.

Today, the energies are changing. With the spiritual awakening on Earth, many are now ready to proceed further along the path of initiation. Many will journey into the Fifth Dimension with honours, so it is now time to guide these souls with the wisdom from the mystery schools of the past.

Teachings For The World 

Over two hundred years ago in the United States, souls from the Order of Melchizedek embodied on Earth to connect with the Celestial Command and to bring forth greater truths and teachings for the world. These truths embodied the foundation that all humans are created equal and that each does have the right to liberty.

These teachings were designed for the world, and not restricted to the United States, although this has not been realized before this time. This is so because God´s plan includes freedom, liberty and fulfillment for all children, allowing each to choose entry into the Fifth Dimension and the kingdom yet to come.

The words in the documents that are cherished by many were designed to hold the vibrational frequency and vision for the world until the time would come when these teachings might be realized by all.

Revealing The Truths 

The time is now for these truths to become self-evident. We are prepared now to reveal these truths and explanations to the world so that all may understand and apply them. The words contained in this document shall travel around the world and provide answers to many who seek them. This will occur whether the governement structures restrict these words or not.

The mind is the ALL. The minds cannot be contained any longer. When individuals begin to understand that the mind is free and has the power to co-create all that is needed to guarantee happiness and peace, then all people can be served, regardless of the constitutions or rules of the countries in which they reside.

The Power Within 

So link up, Children of the Divine, with the Spirit of Oneness. Connect your minds and hearts to the galactic revolution that shall carry peace, Light and love to the nations worldwide. See the Light and energy of the universe pay attention to your thoughts, and know that you have the power within to change the course of Earth.

God Bless You All who hear and see with the mind´s eye. Now, command the mind and heart to do your bidding by applying the information yet to come.

I AM Kuthumi, World Teacher and Ambassador to the Divine. Adonai

Humanity Deemed Worthy

Kuthumi states indirectly in his message that the secrets from the mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, and Atlantis now can be revealed to the general public. Humanity now is deemed worthy and ready to learn this information again and to use it for building the Seventh Golden Age. This is the first time since Atlantis fell that this permission has been given.

Part Three follows....

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Thursday 12 January 2012


This final chapter from the articles concerning "The End of an Era" contains a series of questions put to the Master about the forthcoming cleansing and transformation for planet Earth. 

A Cyclic Pattern

QUESTION: What baffles me is the fact that from the very creation of the Earth it must have been known that we would come to this point in time. I hear people talking about the Divine Plan and Divine Destiny and saying that everything is planned. I do not understand why the destruction and these mistakes were planned.

ANSWER: The destruction and the mistakes were not planned in the sense that you are meaning. Humanity has free choice. It has chosen to live in a certain way and so has attracted these events unto it. The only thing that is planned is the cyclic pattern of evolution and death is a necessary part of that evolutionary pattern. You would not want to live forever on the plane of Earth. That would indeed be Hell!! Surely you can see purpose in your own death. Surely you can understand that death releases you to the plane of your true being, to the plane of your true consciousness.

Death, therefore, is simply an act of transformation. You must view the Earth changes in just the same way. How else could Mother Earth bring about the necessary transformation?? How else could she correct the imbalances on the planet, imbalances which would indeed destroy her if Humanity had its way.

A teacher allows his pupils at school to make their own experiments and to learn from what they are doing, but when the experiments become too dangerous then the teacher has to intervene, not only for the safety of the pupils but for the safety of the class-room as well. You are not aware of the power which Humanity now has under its control. You are not aware of the vast energies which the military people of your World have under their control. If you were, then you would see why intervention is necessary.

Shift of Consciousness

QUESTION: Is there any point at all in trying to stop people raping the Earth and polluting the environment if it is all going to be destroyed anyway??

ANSWER: It is important, right up until that final moment of transformation comes about, that people keep on learning and growing in consciousness. You are in a school. Every single person that can be lead into an understanding of the true nature of life will be, so to speak, a soul saved, a soul taught the lesson. Indeed many will learn that lesson at the very moment of change, for in the twinkling of an eye they will suddenly understand.

Imagine that you had been living at the time of the Flood, almost seven thousand years ago. You would have been aware of the nature of life in the cities of the Middle East. You would have been aware of the wise souls who spoke out against the evils of the day. You would have been aware of the prophets saying that unless Humanity transformed itself then what, in those days, was called the Wrath of God would descend upon them.

Then there would have come this great planetary movement setting in motion an enormous wave which would cause the Flood. As it came down upon the land, in that moment of supreme transformation, many souls would experience a great shift of consciousness. It is rather like a soldier in war who has killed many other soldiers and then as he himself is killed, at the very moment of his passing over, he suddenly sees very clearly the import of his life, of what he has done and the justice of what has been done to him.

Being of Service

QUESTION: How can a group and a centre such as this help best?? In what way can we be of most service??

ANSWER: By helping to create a lifeboat of consciousness and by building that lifeboat not just for yourselves but for all those who will seek its shelter in time of the storm. You must ensure that the lifeboat is well built, is capable of withstanding the storm and of being of service when it is required. Remember that in times of great physical disaster the Animal Kingdom knows what is to come. It hears in the quiet before a thunderstorm, before a volcano erupts, before a tidal wave comes. The other Kingdoms know when a destruction is near and can flee if they so wish. You have a similar right.

The Star or Fiery Messenger

QUESTION: The star that was spoken of, has it passed through this Solar System before??

ANSWER: Yes. It is far bigger than Haley´s Comet.

Humanity´s Thought-forms

QUESTION: Will you tell us more about the destruction of the thought-forms?? On what level will this take place??

ANSWER: The thought-forms of Humanity have been accumulating over thousands of years. They grow in intensity as Humanity multiplies and produces more powerful thought-forms. Whilst the Goddess could, if she so wished, destroy those thought-forms, she does not do that because the thought-forms of Humanity are part of its evolutionary cycle. They are something for which Humanity alone is responsible. They are an essential part of the school of life and are something which Humanity itself has to transmute. They are the burden which Humanity has to carry. Therefore to destroy such a burden would negate the purpose of the evolutionary cycle.

Nonetheless, we are approaching a time when a Force greater than the Goddess will intervene and the consciousness of the Force will decide the nature of what is to happen. The evil of Humanity can only be transmuted by Humanity itself. However, evil can be temporarily suppressed or locked away by the Higher Forces, to be transmuted at a later stage in the evolutionary cycle when Humanity has the consciousness to do it. This was the case with Atlantis. The evil of Atlantis has never gone away. It is still there. You will have to face it when it comes to the surface again and transmute it.

Rescues From Spacecrafts

QUESTION: Many people believe that beings from other planets will come in their spaceships to save selected members of Humanity at the time of this next cataclysm. What do you say to this??

ANSWER: Obviously the beings who live on the other planets of this Solar Body are aware of what is taking place on the Earth. They have already intervened on many occasions and have prevented great destruction on the Earth. They do this not to remove Humanity´s lessons but simply to ensure that Humanity is able to go on learning. It is therefore possible that at the appointed time they will come down in their spaceships and will lift the chosen ones to safety. But let us consider this.

If you are not of this planet, if indeed you have come from another planet and are here as a servant to help the evolution of the Earth and Humanity upon it, then you will already be in touch on the higher planes of life with the planet from which you came. Therefore nothing would be more natural than for your people to come and remove you before the moment of disaster, and then to put you down on Earth again when the transformation was over. It would be, so to speak, a country taking care of its own. Since there are beings here from the different planets then there could be incidents of such people being helped.

However, the question which must be answered when one considers the theory of intervention on a large scale is why have the space people not intervened up to now?? Why, with their wisdom, with their understanding of cosmic energy, have they not already imposed a solution from above to prevent Humanity´s self-destruction??

They could, for example, have neutralised all atomic weapons and made nuclear war impossible. Why has this not be done?? Because Humanity has to evolve itself. There is no point in removing the lesson from the classroom. Humanity has to learn through its own mistakes, through it own sacrifices, through its own evolutionary consciousness and, above all, through the great teacher, death. That lesson is paramount and they would never intervene and remove that lesson. But that is not to say that they would not help Humanity on the higher levels of life as it faces its moment of test.

This article is from "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".


What is important is that the human civilisation rises up again set on a new path, set on the path of the Aquarian Age. This Age will see the physical manifestation of the divine principles which you now hold only as ideals, as spiritual concepts in your innermost soul beings.

 Divine Inspiration

See yourselves as lifeboats of consciousness, as lifeboats designed not for this moment in time but for the storms to come. If I may use an analogy, you are the Noahs of the last great cataclysm. You are receiving your divine inspiration now to build your arks, not arks of physical matter but arks of spiritual consciousness, consciousness to understand the Earth-changes that will come, consciousness to understand the death and destruction that must inevitably follow and, above all, consciousness to rebuild human civilisation and to ensure its continuing growth in the future.

Everything of the highest that you wish was upon the Earth will be grounded upon her. All things will be possible in the New Age.

The Fiery Messenger

How, and when, are these Earth-changes to come about?? They can come about in several ways depending on whether they are initiated by human destruction or by divine intervention. As to the timing of this event there are many opinions but, in truth, there is only one being who possesses that knowledge and that is our God, the Creator of us all. Furthermore, that knowledge will not be released to anyone until the actual moment in time draws near. I believe that the major Earth-changes to come will be initiated by what I will call the Fiery Messenger.

There is even now a star of great power proceeding towards our Solar Body. The star, at this moment, is invisible to the human, or even telescopic eye, but it is set on a path which will bring it into conjunction with our Planetary System. As it passes by it will affect the motions of all the planets of our System and, therefore, will bring about changes on the surface of the planets themselves. The effect of this passage will be to set in motion the Earth-changes that are prophesied. Various lands will sink, other will rise, to fulfil the karmic pattern of evolution of this Earth as was the case with Atlantis.

Earth´s Destiny

Humanity has the power to influence the nature of this transformation through its behaviour now, through its use of nuclear technology, through its use, or abuse, of the three Kingdoms of Matter on this Earth. It can either add to, or moderate, the path and the influence of this great star. How you as individuals behave now, how you lead your lives and manifest your consciousness will affect this great transformation of the Earth. So I say to you now, as I said to you before, these Earth-changes are coming. They cannot be avoided. They are part of the destiny of the Earth.

It is YOUR world and not THE World that must change. The Goddess of this World manifests only perfection. What is wrong is the world that Humanity has created upon her divine being. The divinity of planet Earth will not be extinguished by any human action. The Goddess was in existence long, long before Humanity came into being. She will be here when Humanity has gone. Although Humanity has the power to destroy itself, it will destroy itself not by nyuclear explosions, not by destroying the planet which it abuses out of ignorance and greed, but by destroying its own soul.

The Priceless Gift

When Humanity finally dies, when it finally leaves this planet to proceed on the next cycle of its evolution on some other planet, in some other form, in an entirely different Age, Mother Earth will still be here. The Goddess will still give birth. The planet will then return to its former beauty and will take its rightful place in the planetary body of this Solar System. You will then, perhaps from another planet, see the true beauty of the Goddess and appreciate the priceless gift that was placed in your hands. You will then realise what was given to you in an act of great cosmic evolution and what you were, perhaps, responsible for abusing. May you look back at that time and say that you were not guilty of that great crime.

Of course, there are many today who, lacking the spiritual consciousness, cannot accept that they have done wrong, cannot recognise that Mother Earth is a divinity in her own right, that everything on the Earth possesses consciousness and understanding and has as much right to freedom and respect as have you at this moment in time. So what we are now witnessing on the Earth is not a punishment but merely the flowering of the seeds that Humanity has sown. It is something which Humanity has drawn unto itself by its thoughts, words and deeds. If you are not a part of those thoughts, words and deeds then you will not suffer. It is as simple as that. The purity of your soul emanation will ensure that you will survive the destructuion that is to come unless, as a soul of great consciousness, you have agreed to die with the mass of Humanity and to hold the balance in that moment of destruction.

Part Four follows....This article is from the "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".


There are two major factors that are responsible for the forthcoming Earth changes. These two factors are, the increasing numbers of Humanity itself and the pollution and abuse of the planet. These factors demand a change of a cataclysmic nature to redress the balance. 

Human Evolution

If you look at the rate of human reproduction during the past one thousand years it is not difficult to see, merely by considering Earth resources and projecting figures forward into the future, that the way in which Humanity lives today connot be carried forward into the future centuries. Humanity is growing at too fast a rate for its spiritual understanding. It is reproducing itself in too many numbers and by so doing is polluting the very land which provides the necessary food for its existence. It is using agricultural methods which will soon be unable to meet the demands of an ever increasing world population.

Furthermore, Humanity is now tampering with that sacred being, Mother Nature, in order to achieve a short-term gain without considering the long-term implications. There is therefore approaching a time of famine, of drought, of pestilence, as Nature reacts to what Humanity has done to her. This reaction should not be seen as a form of punishment by the divine but rather as the flowering of the seeds which Humanity itself has sown.

A Purification

This change will take place both on an inner and an outer level. It is something which you should welcome if you do not fear death and can see the purpose of rebirth. Remember that the symbol of the Aquarian Age is the phoenix. The phoenix is the mystical bird which consciously sacrifices itself on the cosmic fire, releasing its old form in order to come forth purified in the new. Does not the phoenix symbolise the desire within your own spiritual being for the purification of the Earth to take place so that the old human form can be cast off and the new Aquarian form may come forth??

As you look around the World today you cannot help but notice the increasing tempo of human conflict all over the globe as both nations and individuals oppose each other for political, ideological and religious reasons. But Humanity is suffering not only on an outer level through famine, earthquakes, disease and war but also on an inner level through its lack of spirituality. Its focus on self-centredness, its greed, its concern only for the self at the expense of its fellow human beings and the other Kingdoms of the Earth..... All these events bear witness to the approach of Armageddon and the ending of the Age. Humanity needs to be purified. Humanity needs to experience the cosmic fire of purification in order to come forth reborn in the Aquarian Age.

Not Enough Time

I know that there are people, some spiritually motivated, who believe that this event will not come about and that it will be prevented either by the interventon of some great Master or by Humanity reversing the path upon which it is now set. I would ask you to remember the impact of the last great impulse of the Christ energy, of the Master Jesus who came on the Earth two thousand years ago. Consider how long it took for that energy to become an effective force on the plane of Earth even after that Master´s great sacrifice.

Even if the Christ energy was to return at this time it could not move Humanity from the course on which it is set. That is why the prophets and the seers of old could make their prophecies with such certainty. To ground cosmic knowledge on the Earth, to manifest it through the cycle of human evolution, takes time, human time. The spiritual consciousness needed to save this World cannot be grounded in the time that is now left before the Earth-changes.

The White Race

Those of you who recognise this fact, not knowing when this great moment of transformation will come about but trusting only that it will be a divine act, inspired by Divine Will, might ask what is the purpose of your being. As I have said in the past, the analogy of a lifeboat should come to mind. You sail on the great ship of Mother Earth. At present you are sailing in calm waters, for you are living in the rosy days of the Wester Civilisation, the civilisation of the White Race, the Race which is to lead the World in the New Age.

This civilisation has attracted unto itself souls of great evolution, souls who consciousness has manifested the technology and the human understanding which gives you the high standard of living that you now enjoy. You have the best of this Earth. That is a fact. However, you should also remember that the consciousness which gives you your high standard of living came down to the White Race because it is the Race primarily responsible for the birthing of the New Age. Deep down, on a soul level, that consciousness is prepared for the great changes to come.

Part Three follows....This article is from "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".

Monday 9 January 2012


The Earth, like ourselves, is imbued with spirit. It will, therefore, never die. Whilst its physical form might change as it experiences periods of transformation and transmutation, the spirit that is responsible for its creation will never die. 
 Transformation & Transmutation  
Even amongst spiritually minded people there are those who question the reason for the events now taking place on this planet. They ask whether the Earth can survive or whether it should survive. They ask whether the Earth-changes to come are something to be avoided or to be welcomed. All I want to do in this article is to present a point of view from another plane of life and to ask you to hold it in your minds in the years to come. The Earth, like you, is imbued with spirit. It will, therfore, never die. Whilst its physical form might change as it experiences periods of transformation and transmutation, the spirit that is responsible for its creation will never die.
In the same way that you in your physical bodies die and are born again onto a higher plane of life so the Earth, on another level, undergoes a similar experience. It is a cosmic fact that all forms of life, no matter what level of evolution, are born, die and are born again in the endless cycle of evolution. The Earth has done this many times, obviously not as frequently as you reincarnate in your physical bodies, and it will doubtless do this again.
 Purpose of Earth Changes 
 Those of you on the plane of Earth who fear death, who do not understand the real nature of this act of transformation, will also fear the ending of the World because the result is apparently the same: the ending of physical life as you know it!! But those of you who are aware of life beyond death, who recognise that death on the plane of Earth is but the opening of a door to a higher level of consciousness, a return to the place of your true being, must also see that the same is true for the Earth as a whole. 
Humanity must recognise that the Lord of the planet, that being known to you as the Goddess, since she is female in energy, who created this form that you call the Earth, must also die, must eventually be transformed onto a higher plane of consciousness. This will one day come to pass. Now this death of the Earth should not be confused with the Earth-changes which you will soon have to face. The present cycle of the Earth´s evolution will continue for a long, long time yet. The changes of which we talk now are the Earth-changes that are associated with the introduction of the Aquarian Age. It is essential that you who live at this time of transition should understand the nature of and the purpose for these Earth-changes.
 Humanity on Earth
 The planet Earth on which you live has felt the presence of Humanity for only a very short cycle of time. The Earth had been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years before Humanity walked upon its surface and began to evolve itself. Humanity is but a pinprick on the time scale of the evolutionary cycle of the Earth. The Earth was evolving before Humanity came into being. It will continue to evolve when Humanity has gone, for the Lord of this Earth, the Goddess, the Earth Mother whose form it is, is a great and evolved spiritual being. Even though Humanity has incarnated on the plane of Earth for only a relatively short period of time it has achieved great technological and evolutionary advances as befits its soul origins. In a few short cycles Humanity has reached that moment in time when it apparently possesses the knowledge to destroy not only itself but even the planet on which it lives.
 Fear & Weapons of War
 It is only natural, therefore, that people should ask the question "Will the planet survive?". There is a fear in the minds of many people today, that now that Humanity has the means to destroy itself it will indeed do so, for if there is one thing that is certain it is that in the past when Humanity has had weapons of war it has ALWAYS used them. Never has the spirit of sacrifice been present in the act of war. Humanity wages war for one purpose only and that is victory, if necessary, at any cost. 
Various countries today possess the ultimate weapons of war, both for offence and defence. At the push of a button the major powers can exterminate their enemies, or theaten to do so if they are attacked. Moreover, with the proliferation of nuclear technology all over the globe many smaller countries now, or soon will, possess that ultimate power. With such an arsenal of nuclear weapons, an arsenal which is capable of destroying this planet many times over, it is easy to see why countries are afraid of each other and especially of the people who control the use of those weapons.
 Higher Forces of Life 
Where there is fear, where there is hatred, then there is the possibility, indeed the probability, of nuclear war. But I can assure you that the great Beings who watch over this planet and are responsible for Humanity´s evolution will not permit this to happen. The great Beings who truly control the destiny of this Earth can, and will, prevent the total destruction of this planet, but note that I say total destruction. This Earth will continue on its evolutionary cycle and will be protected by the Higher Forces of life. They have the power to prevent any, or all, nuclear explosions if that is their will. The existence of your planet is therefore assured in that respect. 
 Part Two follows.... This article is from "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".

Friday 6 January 2012


Atlantis fell for the same reason that all other civilisations have fallen: Humanity´s erroneousness. Although the people of Atlantis had reached a high point of evolution and gained cosmic powers, they did not motivate themselves correctly and misused their knowledge.

Atlanteans Cured Diseases

In instances of disease or illness the Atlanteans recognised that the source of the disease lay not in the physical but in a higher body. Therefore they always cured the higher body, not the physical. If a person was ill they were taken to a place of healing, a temple, and placed in a healing room. This room was constructed of a certain type of stone, of crystal, and was so shaped and angled that the power of the Sun was diffused into beams of different coloured cosmic light and energy.

The person was then placed in the middle of the room and, depending upon the nature of their illness, so the correct rays of light, and therefore colour, were directed onto them. Also, of course, the priests of that time, being evolved souls with a high degree of consciousness, could look at the akashic record of the person who was ill -- for illness is not necessarily only of one´s present life, but can stretch back through many previous lives -- and they could cure, or attempt to cure, the true cause of the dis-ease in that person.

Misuse of Knowledge

You might ask, bearing in mind the picture that I have just painted, "Why, then, did Atlantis Fall??" Atlantis fell for the same reason that all the other civilisations have fallen: Humanity´s erroneousness. Although the people of Atlantis had reached a high point of evolution, although they had tapped into cosmic powers and, because of the era in which they lived, had dveloped their psychic abilites way, way beyond your comprehension, they did not motivate themselves correctly.

They used their knowledge of the Cosmos, their point of evolution, not to fulfil the will of their Creator and His divine Plan but fo fulfil their own ideas of creation. They used their knowledge for personal satisfaction and gain, to obtain power, to amass wealth, to control other beings, to further their own plans, no matter what the cost. The powers which the Atlanteans were given, and which in the initial stages they had used for construction, were eventually used for destruction, and so the downfall of Atlantis, with its eventual subsidence beneath the waves, began.

This subsidence was brought about not only by the great Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy but also by the few remaining true priests of Atlantis. These priests recognised that Atlantis must be destroyed and so they offered to sink with it to hold the evil in balance. They realised that Humanity must experience further cycles of evolution before it would again be in the position to accept the responsibility and the knowledge of Atlantis.

Humanity Reborn

Before any great civilisation disintegrates the seeds for the next are removed to safety. Out of Atlantis came the peoples who were to be the founders of the races which exist today. Present racial characteristics can all be traced back to Atlantis. Atlantis, then, sank beneath the waves, and its evil went with it to be held in balance by great Beings. The Earth was transformed in a cataclysm, Humanity was reborn and the march of Humanity began again. Many of you were Atlanteans. Anyone who possesses psychic powers to any great degree owes it to that great Atlantean civilisation and to the use which you made of those powers then. All over the World today psychic discoveries are taking place in preparation for the new Age of Atlantis.

Seeds for the New Age

Many of the souls who lived in Atlantis are now incarnating in preparation for its reappearance. They are young in physical years, but old in spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, many of them are misguided at this time because they lack spiritual direction and motivation and because their higher selves, their spirits, cannot understand or accept the restrictions of the dense physical life of Earth today, for they remember only the spirituality of old Atlantis.

Atlantis is to rise again. The Christ is to come again. The seeds for the New Age are already sown, not only the physical seeds of man and woman but also the seeds of mind and matter, the seeds of creation, the seeds of the other Kingdoms of this Earth. All is prepared for this great awakening, this great step forward in the evolution of the Earth. It is the opportunity for Humanity to redeem itself and to prove that this, the next Age of Atlantis, will be the final one. Citizens of Atlantis, are you ready for that moment of redemption??

This article is taken from "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".

Wednesday 4 January 2012


The Age of Atlantis lasted for thousands of years. There were several distinct periods in its history as various influences affected its destiny, but it eventually rose to become, to a great extent, a reproduction, an externalisation of life on the higher planes.

Atlantis Geographically

If I had to place Atlantis geographically on your globe, it would be centred in the Atlantic Ocean. Is it not strange how the name persists even to this day?? Atlantis stretched from Iceland in the north to the Falkland Islands in the south. It stretched from what is now the west coast of africa to the east coast of America. It was a beautiful land of towering mountains, the tips of some of which remain as the Azores. All that remains of the great continent today are a few scattered points of power and vibration, some of which you are aware of, which were thrown off when Atlantis submerged beneath the waves.

Great Britain possesses several of them, particularly Iona, but also including the islands of the Hebrides, the Scottish Western Islands and the West Country of England. Iceland and Greenland, the eastern coast of Canada and the eastern coast of America down to the state of Maine are also parts of old Atlantis. These are the only geographical areas that are left of what was Atlantis.

As with any great civilisation many nationalities inhabited Atlantis, and I would draw a comparison with the great Age now beginning in America. There, too, you have all the nationalities of the World gathered together in one continent. So it was in Atlantis. The most evolved, the greatest of all the Races, were directed to Atlantis to fulfil this dream of the Earth.

Spirit of Atlantis

The Age of Atlantis lasted for thousands of years. There were several distinct periods in its history as various influences, such as the root races and the zodiacal ages, affected its destiny, but it eventually rose to become, to a great extent, a reproduction, an externalisation, of life on the higher planes.

The Atlanteans came to recognise the greatest fact about life on this Earth, namely, that God, the Creator of all life, is in all life. They accepted no separation between this planet and the Solar body in which it resides. Whilst recognising the physical, they did not accept its limitations. They realised that the power of the Sun, the cosmic energy of our Solar Logos, the Creator of all life within this Solar Body, was also the moulder of all physical matter on this Earth. They were aware that they themselves were not of this Earth and that whilst they dwelt in physical bodies of matter, for which they were responsible, they were really far higher beings than the matter of this Earth. Therefore they looked not at the individuality, at the lower aspect, of the "I", but at the higher aspect.

A community system of life existed on Atlantis. Although many individual nationalities were present, the spirít of Atlantis was the spirit of God. They recognised no difference between races, but merely the common purpose of life on this Earth.

Technological Achievements

Over the course of many civilisations the Atlanteans rose to a high state of technological achievement. They tapped into and used the energy of the Sun for the creation and susteance of their society. Humanity today mostly ignores this, the greatest factor in its life, and takes the Sun´s powers for granted. It knows little of the real gifts of the Sun, but the Atlanteans recognised its true power and used it.

They used it not only for transportation, for building, for healing, but for every aspect of their spiritual life as well. They used it for worship. The Atlanteans recognised that because there is an aspect of the Godhead in each cell of matter, which is energised by the Sun, all matter is controlled by the Sun. They discovered the relationship between the energising factor of the Sun and life on this Earth.

Atlantean Architecture

There are a few examples remaining today of the immense buildings which the Atlanteans created. The great pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in England are examples of Atlantean architecture. There are also archaeological "problems" in other countries which Humanity today cannot solve, which can all be traced back to Atlantis. Because the Atlanteans understood the structure of matter they could dissolve and recreate it.

The vast blocks of stone which were used in the construction of these edifices were dematerialised, moved to the spot where they were desired and then rematerialised. This may seem impossible to you, but it is true. The matter of this Earth is held together by the energy of the Sun. If you discover the way in which matter is held together you can then dissolve it and re-create it at your will.


The government of Atlantis was, of course, run by the priests, or elders, of the Temple. These were souls of great evolution, Master who had trained and incarnated especially for that role, and they ruled and taught the country with great spirituality. Communication with the Higher Beings was an everyday occurrence. Whilst the priests could attune themselves at will to the Spiritual Hierarchy, even the ordinary people in the street could attune themselves to the higher planes of existence through the means of a magnetic device. By strapping this to themselves in times of prayer and meditation they heightened their senses, and so could communicate directly with the Higher Beings.

It was also a time when Masters from the other planets walked this Earth. Communication with, and the presence of, other planetary beings was an accepted fact. The Atlanteans themselves also travelled to the other planets within this Solar Body, but not in the physical sense of using rockets and spaceships, for they had discovered the power of the mind. They had conquered the force of gravity, and could "fly". They could move themselves from place to place, defying the Law of Gravity.

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This article is from "The Fantastic Teachings of Ramala".